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Team's interest

Team Sweden is interested in exploring how live/work spaces can form a public/private interface around the kitchen and living areas. Today the addition of stories is often found in residential and office buildings. In urban areas, warehouses and old factory buildings are also being extended more and more frequently. The diversity of use revives the urban space. Rooftop extensions ultimately can not only form a public luxury, but also create a platform for intensive solar energy utilization. 

Working method

The Solar Decathlon project would be integrated with an already existing suite of courses and design studio:

‘Material and Detail Studio’, ‘Sustainable Building Competition’ and ‘Dare to Build’. Several ongoing Chalmers ACE research projects with a broad range of industrial partners have direct relevance for the presented proposal. To name a few that are already involved with the Solar Decathlon initiative are the Digital Twin Cities CENTER, the Circular Kitchen research project and the Would Wood innovation project.


Shea Hagy

Project manager

Jonas Lundberg

Faculty advisor

Holger Wallbaum

Faculty researcher

Tommie Månsson

Faculty advisor

Samuel Norberg

Student team manager

Robert Jockwer

Yutaka Goto

Samuel Carvalho


Aida Davallou

MPDSD student

Antonio Toledo

MPDSD student

Aswini Balashanmugam

MPDSD student

Aran Mardoukhi

MPDSD student

Bowen Zhang

MPDCM student

John Arvidsson

MPARC student

Josefine Grönlund


Laura Commere

MPDSD student

Leonardo Casanova Ochoa

MPARC student

Mahsa Mohammadi

MPARC student

Mathilde Lüthi

MPDSD student

Helena Krantz

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